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Barry by Lee Meredith

stripy hat with diagonal construction, made custom fit in any gauge with different color and style options

self-published in March 2013

$6 for the single pattern pdf

or $12 for the pattern trio

or $6 for the printed pattern booklet, at your local yarn shop or for sale here

If you have the print version of the pattern,
here are process photos which wouldn't fit into the print format
(these photos are all included in the PDF version of the pattern)

And see these tutorial pages for step-by-step how-to's on the techniques used:
locking in carried yarn strands

section 1 progress, and garter stitch variation optional modification (done normally on top, and with extra mod on bottom):

buttonholes and buttons pinned on to place before sewing:

back side (I shows how the wrong side of section 1 looks, with the locked in CC yarn, and J shows the wrong side edge of section 2):