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Adventure Knitting 2:
The Mysterious Trunk

choose between 6 different knit shapes and 24 different stitch pattern options!

self-published in September 2014
(originally as a mystery knit-a-long in August 2014)

$14 for the ebook plus DIY book format

or $18 for the print book, at your local yarn shop or for sale here

Read the beginning of the story!

You arrive at your aunt's house on a pleasant, breezy day in August, bags packed with a couple weeks' worth of clothes and books. She has invited you to housesit while she's on vacation, since she knows you've always loved her cats. As you walk up to the front door, you realize what that nagging has been in the back of your head throughout the five hour journey - you forgot your knitting! And you'd been so looking forward to spending these weeks in a cooler region, so much nicer knitting here than where you've been for the first month of summer! You curse your forgetfulness and cross your fingers, hoping there's a good local yarn shop nearby, as you knock on the door.

After saying hello and going through the housesitting checklist, you casually ask about the LYS situation. She says she thinks there is a small shop downtown, not far from here (huge sigh of relief!), but you've reminded her of something. When she was tidying up the attic a few weeks ago, she came across a trunk that had belonged to her aunt, your great aunt, and had ended up with her several years back - she'd always meant to sort through it but it had gotten hidden behind some boxes and forgotten over the years. She'd popped it open, and seen a bunch of yarn and some hand-knit items. Since you'd be here housesitting in a couple weeks, she'd decided to leave it there for you to have first dibs on anything that interested you, since you're the only big knitter in the family.

"So you might want to take a look at that trunk first, before hitting the yarn store, just in case there's any useable yarn in there."

You think, cool, I might save a few bucks. You never met that great aunt; you might remember her name coming up in some of your dad's stories, but you're not sure.

So once you've gotten settled in, played with the cats a bit, and your aunt has left on her trip, you pull down the attic ladder and head up. A big, old steamer trunk sits near the window, filled with wooly mystery. You hope for something awesome as you unfasten the metal clasp...

Supplementary PDFs for print book

(The printable fortune telling items, and some other extra stuff which is not in the print book - all of this is included in the ebook version.)

Full supplementary PDF - everything in one 25 pg file (PDF hosted on google drive)

Individual items/pages:

The board
Fortune tellers
Divination cards
Numerology sheet

Narrowing down your options page
Shape variations / modifications pages
Samples all on 1 page

(For detailed info on all the samples, see the full supplementary PDF, or see each sample's project page on ravelry; full supplementary PDF also includes the cheat sheet for extra help with section 1, and some extra process photos and notes.)