direct links to leethal tutorials for techniques that you may use in your adventure knitting projects:

crochet provisional cast-on
shadow wraps
m1 increases
arctic habitat embellishment

twisted stitches
twist stitches apart and together
more complex twisted stitches
cabling without a cable needle
centered double increase

Adventure Knitting book making

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Adventure Knitting 3:
A Trip to the Zoo

choose between 5 different knit items and 31 different stitch pattern options!

self-published in August 2015
(originally as a mystery knit-a-long in July 2015)

$14 for the ebook plus DIY book format

or $18 for the print book, at your local yarn shop or for sale here

Supplementary PDF for print book

(Includes process photos, sample item information, and a few extra/larger photos - all of this is included in the ebook version.)

Here are drawings of the animals (matching up with the motif stitch patterns) from the book that you may use in ravelry project pages if you want to - click these thumbnails to make them bigger...
(for personal use only; if you post them anywhere besides a ravelry project page, please credit Lee Meredith and link back to this page, thanks!!)