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Game Knitting

a knitting concept that can turn a simple pattern into a randomized one-of-a-kind piece by turning the act of knitting it into a game

self-published in October 2009

$9 for the 65 page pdf ebook

an excerpt from the book (edited for length):

The easiest way I've found to describe how game knitting works is this: You make a list of reoccurring things that happen in a TV show, as if you are going to play a drinking game to the show (drink each time something on the list happens), except with lots of things that happen often. You then knit a project while doing/changing something in your work every time something on this list happens. This may be as simple as switching from knit to purl stitches, or making an eyelet hole, or something a bit more complex, like cabling or turning your work for a short row.

Once you get the concept, you can see that it could be used in forms other than playing to TV. Make a list of things that your favorite podcaster is always saying, or things that keep happening in the audiobook you're listening to, or things that happen every day on your train commute; anything that you know will happen at some random interval, and you can watch out for while you knit.

Why game knit?

It's fun! Especially if you're playing with others (they don't necessarily have to be knitting), so you can all shout out when something on the list happens. Your finished knit item will carry with it the memories of the game playing!

Randomness is cool looking! It's hard to make a pattern look random on purpose; game knitting it a way to create a look of chaos (in a good way!) because your pattern really is random.

Inspiration! If you are a designer, or want to try knit designing, seeing the way a certain game pattern works up can be great inspiration for new design concepts! It can also be a fun cure for creative block.