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book making for Adventure Knitting

The Adventure Knitting pdfs includes the pattern collection as a DIY book that you can print out, fold up, bind, and cover into a full on book! Print out the pages you want, plus the cover if you like, and grab some scissors.

Here's a video tutorial; scroll down for photos and written how-to's (or see the video on YouTube here)...

The video is with the first Adventure Knitting book - the second and third collections have more pages, and the third one has an odd number of booklets instead of even, so there is an extra "ending pre-step" when you reach the last book. Check in with the written how-to below, or in your pdf for the pre-step and for how much thread you'll need for the larger books.

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 1

fold the individual booklets

print out each booklet page on your standard size paper, centered, fit to page so that no text gets cut off (it's okay if you need to shrink it to make it all fit)

(pages were designed for US standard 8.5x11 inch paper; if you're using a different size paper, or if your printer won't print centered, then you'll just need to trim off the excess white space around the sides, to make everything centered on your page, as explained...)

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 3

note: for all these folds, do not crease super hard now.

fold in half lengthwise, so that the fold is on the long line

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 2

if the page did not print centered, fold on that line, then trim off excess white space to make the edges line up when it's folded on the line

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 4

fold page widthwise, folding on the little notch in the middle of the long line, which is the center of the book page

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 5

with the page folded widthwise, bring each side up to that center fold, making folds that land at the ends of the long line (so you are dividing the page into fourths, fold lines between the book pages)

Adventure book binding!

trim off excess white space on either edge that goes up past the center, so that if you open up the center fold, the edges just meet and don't overlap

some extra booklet-making how-to details

once your page is folded, and all excess white space has been trimmed off, you should have the page divided into eight equal size rectangles, with all the fold lines running between the book pages

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 8

with page folded in half widthwise, cut along center printed line, up to the next fold line, through both layers of the folded page (you're cutting a slit through the center of the page)

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 10

open up the page, then fold lengthwise, and the paper should open up like you see here

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 11

find the cover page of the booklet, and wrap all the pages around with the cover on top

take the last page and pinch the bottom corners together so they are lined up evenly, then pinch that last page together with the second-to-last page, then with the second page, so you are pinching together all the pages except for the cover page

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 12

hold those pinched pages down on your tabletop, held neatly lined up, and bring the cover page up over the top, as tightly as possible, then crease everything into place

How to fold the Adventure KAL booklets - 13

now you should have a neatly folded booklet

repeat the steps for all booklet sheets, then move on when you are ready to bind them together into a full book!

Adventure Knitting 3 DIY print book!

bind into a full book

you'll need your booklets, a pencil, a sewing needle (an embroidery needle works well), and sturdy thread

start by holding all booklets together, so spines make a flat surface, tops and bottoms aligned; make pencil marks in two spots, approx .75"/2cm in from top and bottom, straight across booklets

poke holes through the spines to the insides of each booklet, where the marks are, through each page opening - from the spines, through the same spine hole, through to every page, so when you're done you've poked through every layer of paper at the spine of all booklets

thread needle with enough thread for your book size: approx 2.5 yards/meters for 8 booklets / approx 3 yards/meters for 10 booklets (Adventure Knitting 1), approx 4 yards/meters for 14 booklets (Adventure Knitting 2), approx 4.5 yards/meters for 15 booklets (Adventure Knitting 3)

bring needle out top hole of center page of first book, leaving tail of a few inches loose inside book

bring needle in (from spine) top hole of first page of second book, then out bottom hole (out to spine)

bring needle in bottom hole of last page of first book, out top

(always go in the same hole you just came out of - top or bottom - and go out opposite hole, so thread is carried up/ down the insides of the booklets)

Adventure knitting!

go in top center page of second book, out bottom
go in bottom first page of third book, out top
go in top last page of second book, out bottom
go in bottom center page of third book, out top
go in top first page of fourth book, out bottom

now the binding pattern is established:
if you just came out first page of a book, go in last page of previous book
if you just came out last page of a book, go in center of next book
if you just came out center page of a book, go in first page of next (newly added) book

work in established binding pattern until you reach the last booklet - after going into top center of last booklet, out bottom, work ending steps below*

unless you have an odd number of booklets - then you'll go into bottom center of last book, out top - work this ending pre-step: go into top of last page of last book, out bottom; now move onto ending steps below

ending step 1: go in bottom first page of first book, out top
ending step 2: go in top last page of eighth book, out bottom
ending step 3: go in bottom center page of first book
tie this end to the beginning end, at the bottom hole

Adventure knitting!

*if you are going to use the cover and don't want the first and last pages hidden inside the pockets, make blank pages to add on

fold a sheet of paper in eighths like it's a booklet, then cut it in half widthwise - treat the halves like extra booklets with just one inner page to bind through

note: for Adventure Knitting: A Day in the Woods, if you are using the chart booklets, then there's already a blank page at the end, so only follow the directions for the front - skip to now follow ending steps 1-3

go in bottom of blank book, added after last book, then out top

go back into center of last book, in top, out bottom

now follow ending steps 1-3 (above), and tie as written, so that everything stays tightly bound together from front to back

go out bottom of first book, then in new blank book, and out top

go in top center page of first book

if you want to use a different thread for the next step, tie ends together here. If using this same thread for next step, then go out bottom, then back in blank book

now work neatening steps starting here at the blank front book

Adventure knitting!

neatening up the spine:

to work this final step with the same thread you've been using, leave working thread in needle and go on to the next line below; to weave over the spine with a different thread (to be more decorative), work these steps with the new thread

go out top of center page of first book (which means whichever book is first now, the extra blank book if you added one)

bring thread back across to top of last book while weaving all the binding threads together:

go down between first and second booklets, to one side of binding threads, then back up through to other side of binding threads

repeat between second and third booklets, then repeat between third and fourth booklets, and so on, until you've wrapped around the binding threads between each book to the last one

go in top center page of last book, then out bottom

work across to bottom of first book, working same steps to wind around binding threads, and end by going back in bottom of center page of first book

now tie this end to the beginning end, at one of the holes, then use the needle to bring the thread ends through the hole into the inside of the booklet, between the paper sheets, to hide them in the book

repeat that for other ends as needed

Adventure knitting!

extra bound binding

if you'd prefer, you can make 3 or 4 holes in all books instead of 2, then work all steps twice

for 3 holes, use bottom/middle holes as bottom/top, then work all steps again, using middle/top as bottom/top holes

for 4 holes, use the bottom 2 holes as bottom/top, then work all steps again using the top 2 as bottom/top

Adventure knitting!


to add the extra cover, print it on regular paper or on card stock for a harder cover, then follow folding and cutting directions on that page, glue down tabs, and press under a stack of books and let dry overnight

(you can use 2-sided tape instead if you're impatient!)

once it's dry, if you printed on thick card stock, use the tip of your scissors and a straight edge to gently make scores along the light grey spine lines, so you're just barely breaking the surface, not cutting through it

if you printed on normal paper or thin card stock, then just crease along those lines

slip the first and last pages of your bound book into the cover pockets