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German short rows

I've also seen this method called the double stitches method, and it might have other names... It's a really easy and nice looking way of working "wraps" for short rows, to prevent holes at the turns.

Here's a video tutorial; scroll down for photos and the written how-to, along with animation clips from the video (or see the video on YouTube here)...

when you reach the stitch you're supposed to "wrap", knit that stitch...

...then slip it onto the left-hand needle...

...and then turn your work

now pull the working yarn up, and over the top of the needle, stretching the stitch below so that it looks like 2 stitches

and knit the next stitch (if you're supposed to knit it), while pulling tightly

if you're supposed to purl the next stitch after turning, then pull the yarn tightly all the way around the top of the needle and back under to the front, to purl

either way, to the right of the new stitch, the "wrapped" stitch should look like 2 stitches on this side...

...and when you look at the other side, the "wrapped" double stitch has a loop of yarn through it, somewhere in front, more or less depending on how tightly you pulled it

when you're working back over the "wrapped" stitches later, treat the double stitches as one stitch each, knitting them together as one

it will be kind of like working k2tog decreases, knitting through the double stitches as one