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centered double increase

The centered double increase (cdi) is used in Zulo, a few Adventure Knitting 3 patterns, and Omnia.

Video tutorial as worked in the Omnia pattern, so the same increase was worked in the previous rows below the new increase (as in photos below):

(or see the above video on YouTube here)

Video tutorial from the Zulo pattern, so done with loosely worked fingering weight yarn:

(or see the above video on YouTube here)

Centered double increase (cdi)

pictured here with 3 rows of cdi's on top of each other

lift up the stitch below the next stitch...

...and knit into that lower stitch

then knit into the back loop of the normal (top) stitch...

...dropping that stitch off the left-hand needle

then use the left-hand needle to pick up the left side strand of the stitch below the one you just knit into (the same stitch that you knit into first)...

...and knit into the back of that loop (increases 2)